The Summer Masters League qualifier (results) is over and it’s time for the real matches to begin!

Here’s the Summer Masters League info via Reddit:

Hey guys, it’s time to kick off our summer season! We’ll be streaming live twice a week at, starting tomorrow, every Wednesday at 6pm EDT, and every Saturday at 1pm EDT. The schedule and current standings can always be found there as well.

I’ll do a quick rundown of this season’s format and players for you guys so you know what to expect:

Group Stage:

Players will be divided into groups of 4, and play in a double round robin format over 6 weeks total. They’ll play three games of Base+8 and three games of Base+11 against everyone else in the group, and be ranked according to total W/L. After 6 weeks:

  • 4th place in each group will be eliminated.
  • 3rd place in each group will face off in Sudden Death, where two losers are eliminated and two winners will advance to the playoffs.
  • 2nd place in each group will automatically advance to the playoffs.
  • 1st place in each group will face off in Sudden Victory, where two winners get to advance all the way to the semifinals, and two losers will advance to the normal playoff bracket.


The playoffs, after Sudden Death and Sudden Victory are decided, will be a double elimination bracket where the first round is Base+8 and the rest of the tournament is Base+11. So although this season is mixed format, it will be weighted more towards B+11, since last season was B+8. We will continue to mix things up in the future.

The top two players from this bracket will join the two players who won their Sudden Victory matches, and we’ll have a Bo7 Semifinals and Grand Finals!

I know it all sounds rather complicated, but hopefully it will be easy to understand once you see it play out. We received a lot of input from the players as to this season’s format, and I’m expecting great things as a result of that.

Finally, the groups themselves for those who missed it before:

Here’s direct links to the PrismataMasters recordings and replays of the Summer Masters League. I’ll update this as it progresses:

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