From Elyot:

Hi everyone.

We’re deploying a small balance patch tonight, along with 3 new units: Thorium Dynamo, Tantalum Ray, and Borehole Patroller.

Those units… well, let’s just say they’ll be showing up over on the blog in a few hours (clear your calendars… tomorrow is going to be an exciting day!)

In the mean time, here are the balance changes to existing units that will be going live tonight at midnight EDT:

  • Corpus: completely redesigned. The old Corpus just wasn’t serving much of a purpose. It made mono-red builds stronger, but wasn’t particularly strategic or flavourful. We’ve tried creating a completely new Corpus that’s less reliant on a mono-red strat, better when combined with Blue, and serves a very specific purpose… allowing you to pump TONS AND TONS OF HUSKS.
  • Steelforge: somewhat redesigned. It now serves two purposes. It can be used as an accelerant toward BB and BBB strategies, and it can also be used to efficiently turn Drones into Steelsplitters (it’s effectively 1 gold cheaper than the old Steelforge if used only for pumping Steelsplitters, by virtue of being 2 gold more expensive but having a cheaper activation cost if the blue it produces is subtracted).
  • Resophore: build time reduced from 6 to 5. Resophore is a risky, hard-to-play-perfectly unit that is pretty reliant on having a slower blueprint set. So we’re buffing it so that it sees a bit more play. Warning: it’s going to be pretty strong in some sets!
  • Endotherm Kit: Cost changed from 5GGRR to 5GGGR. This change is to slow down some of the crazier Endotherm rushes such as p2 playing DD/DDC/DA/DD+Endotherm. Now, players will have to commit harder to an early Conduit or double Conduit if they want to play a hyper-aggressive Endotherm build.
  • Frostbite: Build time increased from 1 to 2. We looked at many different options for modifying Frostbite to make it less of a must-buy in sets with no reasonable defense against it. Some options included 1R cost but freezing for 2, 3R cost, 1RR cost, limited lifespan, reduced supply, and even raising its HP (so that Frostbites could be used to supplement breachproof strategies without being hard-countered by more Frostbites). Ultimately, we chose to go with the simplest change that weakened the unit while preserving the more interesting aspects of its gameplay. We’ll continue to monitor things to see if further changes are warranted.
  • Frost Brooder: REMOVED TEMPORARILY. We’re planning some changes to this unit that require a small bit of back-end work to ensure that the Prismata engine and bots function properly with it. So we’re temporarily removing Frost Brooder until those changes are complete and the new version is fully implemented, balanced, and tested. Expect a new Frost Brooder to be out late this week or early next week. Don’t worry, WideEye Frost Brooder isn’t going anywhere.