Dynamo madness!

To help players trying to get a grasp on how to best use the new units I decided to grab a bunch of replays of some of the best players doing just that during the Breach Party!


In discussing the new units with some of these players in global chat, the consensus seems to be that Tantalum Ray and Thorium Dynamo will probably need a nerf as they are pretty powerful at the moment, although the Breach Party settings and newness may be partly to blame. One player even said most games with Dynamo seem to result in the seed supply for all units running out before the game even ends. There didn’t seem to be a p1/p2 favoring combo so far except perhaps with Doomed Drone + Dynamo favoring P2. Overall the feeling seems to be that Dynamo makes things feel pretty weird, almost like April Fools day!

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