From this reddit thread:

When: On Saturday, September 26th at 1PM CST the first Half Draft Prismata Tournament will be taking place.

Who: Players of all tiers are welcomed to participate. There is no entrance fee, but registration closes 2 hours before starting time. Players may only play under one account (*cough* MasN 3-7) and only one player may play under each account (*cough* GranularGaming).

What: Half Draft is a format where the players draft half of the units for the random set. The bracket will be double elimination with Best of 3 series on the 45s time setting. The picking process is designed to somewhat reduce the randomness of Base+8 as well as letting both players use units they think are stronger or more enjoyable. Each player gets to ban two units [Seeexplanationbelow] from all of their games as well as pick 2 of the random set units for each series; the other 4 units are selected randomly from the unbanned units. Each Best of 3 series has a player randomly assigned to play white for the whole series before the units are picked. All drafted units can be built by both players. [See extended example below]

Why: URN REEL MONEY. The whopping $20 first place prize puts Half Draft above PAWC in terms of cash prize pools. You can also have fun, if you want.

Fine Print on Picks and Bans:

  • You receive 2 separate bans: 1 unit you do not wish to play against when you are Player 1 and 1 unit you do not wish to play against when you are Player 2
  • These 2 bans are chosen at the time you register and remain constant throughout the tournament (you may keep changing these until registration closes)
  • You may not ban any unit from the base set
  • You may elect not to ban any unit
  • Trinity Drone and Vivid Drone will be banned by default to allow for some diversity of bans (this is open for debate)
  • After flipping for who will be Player 1 and double-checking each other’s bans, Player 1 selects an unbanned random set unit, then Player 2 selects two different units, and then Player 1 selects their final unit.
  • The picks and bans stay they same throughout the series and the 4 random units are rerolled.
  • Picks change at the start of every series

Example Draft

Don’t forget to register here.

P.S. If you are able to stream on the 26th, let me know! I am not a streamer or caster.

Added this to the tournament calendar, don’t forget to register!! I’ll update this with the results after it’s over! 😀

This weekend we got a whole slew of balance tweaks, 2 new units, and the return of an old removed unit!

Check out the full patch notes from the Lunarch blog. Then check out some of the inital reddit feedback on the changes, not very positive!

This should certainly make things interesting for the Fall Masters League and Prismata Alpha World Championships still ongoing!

Now to the good stuff, the 3 “new” units!

  1. Ferritin Sac
  2. Lancetooth
  3. Savior